February 5, 2021

Timing: from the first visit to embryo transfer.

by es0os / faq

During the first visit, the doctor investigates the patient’s physiological and pathological history and identifies the most effective treatment strategy. Treatment begins after about 30 days, during which the couple undergoes a series of routine tests and examinations.

If the path defined by the doctor includes in vitro fertilisation, stimulation of ovarian follicle growth begins. After about 11-15 days, the egg retrieval is performed and then in vitro fertilisation takes place.

Once embryo culture is complete, usually a few days after egg retrieval, fresh transfer is possible. For medical reasons, however, it may be necessary to cryopreserve all the embryos obtained. In this case, the specialist assesses the ideal timing to transfer thawed embryos. They factor in the first menstrual cycle, synchronise the endometrium and, through various ultrasound monitoring, identify the correct implantation window.