February 4, 2021

How are egg cell donors selected?

by es0os / faq

Gamete donation is a voluntary and altruistic act, which provides access to assisted reproduction techniques for couples who need them. Oocyte donors are young women, aged between 20 and 35, according to Italian law, who undergo spontaneous ovarian stimulation in order to obtain oocytes for donation. The medical and biological staff take care of the appropriate selection of the characteristics of the donor and the recipient couple, in order to comply with the highest standards of safety and quality, as per current legislation. Donors are matched according to blood group, which is compatible with that of the recipient couple, and by phenotypic characteristics, such as eye and hair colour, height, and physical build.

Donation is completely anonymous, and donors are subjected to strict medical and psychological checks before starting an ovarian stimulation cycle, to ensure health and suitability for the donation program.