February 4, 2021

Egg donation: when to start evaluating it?

by es0os / faq

Women who choose egg donation are mainly those suffering from infertility, which is a permanent condition. This means that they no longer have any oocytes of their own, or that they have a reduced ovarian reserve with numerous failed homologous fertilisations.

One of the main factors in turning to egg donation is the woman’s age. This factor has a direct impact on the probability of success of IVF techniques. Age is associated with ovarian reserve parameters, which can be assessed by analysing the presence of the anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) in plasma, and the antral follicle count (AFC), which is carried out via ultrasound. The combination of these factors, together with clinical history, allows the couple to be correctly categorised and the possible diagnosis of infertility to be made, leading to the egg donation programme.